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Our custom funding programs enable equipment sellers to turn one-time transactions into long-term relationships. Our platform makes buying and selling faster and easier with financing solutions to turn up-front cost into simple monthly payments, better aligning your customer’s expenses with revenue generation.

Capital Leasing Solutions provides equipment financing to a wide range of businesses for new and/or used equipment. We utilize a common sense approach coupled with our proprietary credit models to customize a solution unique to the needs of an individual business. Our skilled professionals are committed to providing the highest quality level of service and responsiveness to our bank clients, vendors and prospective customers. Capital Leasing delivers results!Contact our experienced team at Capital Leasing Solutions today to review your leasing options.

Why Finance Your Equipment?

Do you need to purchase new or used equipment for your business but don’t have the available cash or credit you need? If so, Capital Leasing can help. There are many benefits of financing your equipment purchase through a lease with Capital Leasing:

✓ Fast Credit Decisions

Apply online anytime. Receive a credit decision for the maximum amount you can finance in seconds. Start-ups and challenged credits supported.

✓ Minimal Upfront Cost

Our standard lease program only requires one advance payment and the documentation fee prior to the start of the lease.

✓ Preserve Existing Bank & Credit Card Lines

Leasing with Capital Leasing lets you acquire the equipment you need affordably, while preserving your other sources of credit.

✓ Affordable, Fixed Monthly Payments

Know your monthly payment and term in advance so you can handle your monthly cash flow more easily.

✓ Tax Advantages

Lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.

✓ Protect Against Obsolete Technology

Plan for a technology upgrade with the right lease or rental term. Never get stuck with obsolete equipment again.

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