Finance Options for Commercial
and Industrial Companies

Equipment Leasing programs should be tailored to match the needs of the company.

Capital Leasing Solutions is a full service equipment lessor that can provide a broad range of cost effective and flexible lease programs for its customers. The following customized programs are available to fit your needs.

Material Handling

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There are many things to consider when deciding to forklift more than a few hours every day for heavy lifting, a new although more affordable, are better suited to handle less frequent use have greater capabilities and dealers generally offer warranties with which is why most companies purchase used forklifts versus new type and the engine type you need for your application.

Metalworking in the 21st Century

You might think we are living only in the information age, but there are over 5000 metalworking related suppliers in North America. there are over 17,000 different kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. And there are over 100,000 companies buying, selling, and working with metals in North America alone. But you can't do anything without metalworking equipment.

What You Need - When You Need It

New or used, metalworking requires the right equipment for the project. Presses, fabricating machinery, punches, coils, dies and die handlers, plates, rolls; any piece of equipment used on metal can be financed through eLease's metalworking equpment leasing programs.

Metalworking equipment from Capital Leasing

Capital Leasing can finance all types of metalworking equipment. Most our customers in the metalworking industry are fabricators but also have a few interesting artists who create large work of arts. 

Woodworking in a Changing Environment

Even in the information age, the woodworking industry is alive and well. Innovation continues, and new products continue to come to market, pushing development forward in regard to the demands of the environment, ergonomic considerations, and improved woodworking safety.

A wide variety of woodworking equipment

If all you need is a hammer and chisel, you can go to the local hardware store and buy what you require. A fullwoodworking shop requires lots of equipments; workbenches, drills, presses, pneumatics, power tools, lathes, table saws and more.

Capital Leasing Knows Woodworking

Capital Leasing has been financing woodworking equipment since 1995. We have a dedicated team that specializes in the woodworking industry. We annually attend the Annual Woodworking and Furnishings Fair ( to make sure we stay up to date with the latest trends in the woodworking business. Call us today at 954-522-3773 to learn more about how eLease can help your specific equipment leasing needs.
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